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Hi Guys,

The dust has settled and Johnny just went back to Texas and I now have a moment to express my appreciation to some of you who made it a grand slam weekend. The Peter and Kathy soiree at their house kicked off the grand reunion with fine food, drink, hospitality and the atmosphere for a time of reminiscing.

Jane and I were thinking on bringing Rachael home with us!  A big thanks to all of you that strongly supported the “Show and Tell” / Shenanigans in the “Pit Gym”. It was great to have it start off with 60’s music provided by  Barb, Frank, Linda and George. And Frank, you are just another “Geater with the Heater”.  I thought we would be doing line dances (led by George of course) during all the open time, but who would have guessed we all had so much to share.

Peter Berlinger, what’s up with this doodling?

My doodling has always been boats, faces and airplanes on the corners of the pages of my notebook, but you have given a new meaning to doodling and get the Picasso award. Mad Juan, as you have been referred to in the past has fed the travel bug. Imagine some of us all going on a trip together.

If Robert goes, we may have to give him an earlier false plane departure time.  Donna thanks for being the Keystone of 67’. You have a delightful way of sharing information and bringing it all together. 

Thanks again for sharing a little part of Becky, Margie, Doug and Toni and of course your publications.  What a talented person you are. 

Barb and Donna, thanks for including the classmates that have passed on.  It was very moving. Thank you George for organizing a great venue and making sure that the cuisine, drink and service was excellent.  You gave us a chance to see our pretty girls dressed up and Kathy even said the guys cleaned up well. 

I still can’t believe “The Spinning Man” film is in production as we speak.  Wow, big kudos for that achievement.  One last person that I want to say something about is that Linda girl.  Your accomplishments have been plentiful, meaningful and outrageous.  And it is just like you to open the floor for others. 

And that is why you are so GREAT!
To all of you that have made the 50th reunion a memorable success I give a heartfelt thanks, Scott


Front row L-R: Ellen Mayer Asplundh, Ginny McCombs DeVeer, Jane Roddy Wahl, Judy Campbell Conner, Dawn Tichenor Croney, Darlene Dienert Crumley, Peggy Gourley Stockton, Toni Graddess Passon, Debbi Widing Doering, Merle Breslow Tolchinsky, Dwight Barker
Back Row: Ron Lane, Don Rossiter, Bud Tunnel, Eileen O'Donnell Sullivan, Tom Stetina, Gail Tompkins Richardson,Rich Koch, Don Schlegel, Bill Frizlen, Ossie Davis, Paul Muhleman Austin, Mary Fox Hesser, Betty Clark Miller (homeroom teacher)


Front Row L-R:Jane Roddy Wahl, Ellen Mayer Asplundh, Ginny McCombs DeVeer, Judy Campbell Conner, Eileen O'Donnell Sullivan, Caren Conner Huston, Gail Tompkins Richardson, Dwight Barker, Nancy Riddle Schlegel, Don Schlegel, Merle Breslau Tolchinsky, Betty Clark Miller (homeroom teacher)
Toni Gradess Passon
Back Row: Ron Lane, Don Rossiter, Bud Tunell, Ossie Davis, barely can see Rich Koch, Mary Fox Hesser
Bill Frizlen, Not able to see: Connie Neef Iseman

Pictures by Gail Richardson taken at Rich Koch's Home

Class of 1976 30-Year Reunion Photos -->

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